04 May 2009


You're bound to get dirty when you do yoga outside. But the dirt and grass on my yoga mat, the bugs, the dirty hands and feet and the dirt and grass in my hair is so worth it to be laying on the grass, looking up at the clouds with a light breeze playing over my face. I even managed to keep my hand out of the bird poop in the grass in half-moon pose.

Oddly enough, it's much more quiet out between the parking ramp and street. The cars driving by or starting up in the ramp behind us and even the planes flying overhead aren't even noticeable the way the gym noises are. Maybe because I live on a busy street and I have cars going by all the time. Planes fly overhead fairly often, too. I'd rather hear those noises than assholes talking about their jobs or jerks slamming their weights to the floor upstairs.

After my mildly crappy day, yoga outdoors was exactly what I needed. Ahhhhhhh. We did have to move before we started, though. Someone had left their yappy, annoying poodle in the car in the ramp and the stupid dog was barking at us nonstop.

I do not understand that. Why take your dog with you when you go to the gym and then leave it in the car? That ain't right. It's kind of a dick move, really.

Oh, and P.S. to the lady in the minivan behind me at the stop sign at Irving and Lake: I SEE YOU PICKING YOUR NOSE. Hope you got what you were going for. You would have grossed me out/made my day if you'd eaten what you found.

Maybe next time?


Doniree said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to do yoga outside. Where do you do that? What gym/studio is that??

Jess said...

Bally Total Fitness in St. Louis Park. My Monday/Wednesday night instructor will take us outside when it's nice out.

She's pretty awesome. I know a friend of mine does yoga at some park in the summer. I'll see if I can't get that info for you.