21 May 2009

Change of plans.

I was going to blog about how ridiculous it was that as different as my sister and I are, we are very much the same in some ways. When she came home from one of her many year-end school things tonight, I showed her the dress I bought after work yesterday to wear to our cousin's wedding next month and for the other damn weddings I have this summer.

She took one look at it and said, "I can't go to a wedding with you if you wear that dress. Let me go get mine." Turns out, both our dresses are mostly black, with portions featuring tiny white dots. What are the fucking odds? I volunteered to return mine. She had hers first. Of course, my second choice is also black with white dots. Now I have to go with my maybe third choice, which is white with a black design. However, it is also strapless. This means I not only have to buy the dress, a tiny cardigan and new shoes -- I also have to buy a new strapless bra. That will probably be as expensive as the dress. FUCK YEAH.

Also, that dress doesn't make my ass look nearly ass good as my first choice. God fucking dammit.

However, I got fucking stuck in traffic on my way home. At 10:00. All I wanted was to come home, watch The Daily Show, have a glass of wine and go the fuck to bed. But no! I spend a half hour driving one goddamn mile trying to get home.

I want to fucking stab someone.

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