09 May 2009

Brush with fame.

I went to the Twins game tonight with my sister and nephew. We were SO CLOSE to the Hormel Hot Dog Row of Fame. It was like, across the aisle and down a couple of rows.

One of my life's dreams is to be in the Hormel Row of Fame (I would also like to flip off an entire sports arena if I'm ever on the Jumbotron, but that's another story) and I've never been as close as I was tonight. There were some times in college at Gopher football games that the row of fame got into the student section, but tonight it was so tantalizingly close.

I don't necessarily understand the way they pick the rows, though. The row tonight was mostly empty, and so they had to pull people in from the surrounding rows. That proved to be a bit of a fucked up decision, however, when a dude came back to find his seats filled with people getting free hot dogs. Of course, this dude was toting two enormous, Chicago-style hot dogs.

Sucked to be that guy.

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