27 April 2009

Well, no, I can't hear everything.

Last night at the Neko Case show, I ran into my upstairs neighbor. I told him I'd wondered if I might see him there, as there was a night not too long after her album dropped that I heard him playing "Middle Cyclone," over and over.

We only talked for a couple of minutes, but in that short amount of time, I think I somehow managed to make it sound like I can hear everything he's doing up there. And that's not true. Sure, I often hear him playing music, but I pay it no mind unless I recognize what he's playing. Or I think I recognize it, and have to listen intently until I figure it out, lest it drive me crazy. It's nice we have similar taste in music, though.

Other than that, I hear him walking around or going up the steps and that's about it. There have been times he's freaked me the fuck out by tromping up his steps shortly after bar close. And that one night he was apparently having trouble getting his front door unlocked and it sounded like he was trying to break my door down. But other than that, he's fine as an upstairs neighbor.

*sigh* I'm an asshole even when I mean well.


my name is Amanda said...

Oh well, maybe he will take it easy with the tromping from now on!

(I can hear my downstairs neighbors snoring almost every night. It's like living at home with my parents all over again.)

Frank said...

I *can* hear everything the people next door to me do, especially because their bed knocks up against my bedroom wall when they're doin' it :(

Jess said...

I had a next-door neighbor once who I could hear snoring, too, Amanda. Still not as bad as being at home, though.

On behalf of That Neighbor everywhere, Frank, I'd like to apologize. I'm 99 percent sure I'm That Neighbor. At least I'm gettin' some?