16 April 2009

Tired, sick and busy.

This week can't possibly end fast enough. How is it only Thursday? I'm so wiped out. I've got this stupid fucking cough that is waking me up at night (despite swigging copious amounts of cough syrup and taking Nyquil). It gives me a headache and makes my throat raw in the lovely dry, dusty air at work all day, too.

I would love to take a sick day and get some damn rest, but I this BIG HUGE PROJECT I'm working on can't wait. It is due Monday for a Wednesday meeting, so of course my boss thinks it should be done tomorrow or possibly the weekend. Meanwhile, he gave me this project and then went out of town for a week, so I've been foundering about on my own.

Of course, taking a sick day wouldn't necessarily provide me with much relief, what with the heavy equipment banging and crashing directly across the street starting at 7:00 a.m.

Fuck. If I have to work on Saturday, I'm going to cry.

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