16 April 2009

No more blogging before coffee.

I have a horrible habit of freaking out about things for no reason. Well, there usually is a reason. And it may even be somewhat justified. But so often these things I'm freaking out about never come to pass.

Today would be a perfect example. I didn't know how I could possibly get my work done that was due today. I'd be here until 6:00. And tomorrow? Forget it. The big project sucks donkey balls and not only will I be working late on Friday, I'll be working on the weekend. A call from my boss and a discussion about where I am reined me in a bit and I feel considerably better about where I stand. No weekend work and at least part of what I'm doing sounds like I'm doing a great job.

Now, here it is, normal quitting time and I'll be heading out the door to run errands and hit the gym. I'm not even feeling horribly sick and exhausted. I don't feel great and I'm really tired, but I've got enough gas in the tank to get through the rest of the day, I think.

I'm not turning over a new leaf or anything; I will still be preemptively freaking out about things big and small. But hey -- when the day comes that something does happen that I foresaw in my jumping to the worst conclusion -- I'll totally be at least a little prepared. And in the meantime, I can totally laugh at myself for being a ridiculous freak.

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