18 April 2009

More firsts of Spring.

Last night, while I was walking around Lake Calhoun, I saw the Disco Skater. And I was so fucking delighted. All I need to see now, is the overly tan, curly-gray-haired, odd-walking guy, and it will be officially Spring.

Sadly, since it's early in the season and the lake is still cold, Disco Skater was wearing a shirt and regular shorts. Normally, he wears nothing but short-shorts on his overly tan body. Regardless of what he is wearing, there's something about his enthusiasm one cannot resist. I was positively delighted to see him skating past me yesterday.

Tonight was also my first evening hanging out on the deck. The World's Worst Wing Woman came over for drinks and to get her birthday present. I thought the construction would make everything dirty and much more noisy, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Yet, anyway.

I had another first today. Not related to the seasons or anything. And I guess it wasn't really a first. The Boy I Currently Like farted in front of me for the first time today. Oh, he's farted around me before. However, he's always dead to the world in those cases. If I'm awake and I hear it, I giggle quietly to myself. Why I bother to giggle quietly is beyond me. The Boy could sleep through a Mack truck driving through his bedroom.

However, we were both awake and aware when he farted today. He's on the phone with is friend Cocoa Butt (new nickname! Sadly, no one will get it because The Boy no longer reads my blog and as far as I know, Cocoa Butt is one of The Boy's friends who does not read my blog) and he's chatting away and then he's farting. I might not have lost it if I hadn't looked at him. But I looked at him, and he was looking at me and the expression on his face sent me over the edge. Then he started laughing, and I was laughing quite loudly, so Cocoa Butt wondered what the fuck was going on and I got to hear The Boy explain everything to him. Naturally, this only made me laugh louder and harder.

Probably I shouldn't try to put on airs that I'm totally mature and don't laugh at farting. Because I totally think farting is hilarious. It's nice that we've crossed this threshold. I think.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

So MN has its version of the singing naked cowboy that we have here in NYC - how fun