05 March 2009

With the utmost class and grace.

Or perhaps I should say klass.

As I started up on the elliptical machine tonight, I couldn't help but feel a bit ... unsupported. I felt the same last night, but I chalked that up to both bras in my Multi-Bra Boob Control System being a bit too big. Yes, despite the fancy new sport bra, I do still deploy the MBBCS for yoga.

Tonight, however, I was wearing the 11-hook monstrosity and I expected some support, goddammit. So, I took a peek down my shirt and discovered that about half -- HALF -- of the hooks had come undone. HALF? From time to time, usually when I'm doing something where The Girls are pressed up against a piece of machinery, the first few hooks will unhook themselves. But half of them?

So, I just pulled down the neck of my t-shirt and re-hooked my bra while standing on the elliptical machine.

Keep in mind, I'd been vaguely fondling my left tit all night as my iPod is nestled there and I had to skip some songs on my playlist.

I should probably start a finishing school.


Julie said...

klass, definitely klass all the way! (i'm seriously hoping your gym is an all female one!)

Little Ms Blogger said...

As a large chested person, I completely understand what you go through.

Sarah said...

thank god I'm not the only one who openly fondles her titties in public. I mean, if guys can adjust their sacks, or whatever they are doing, I can give the girls a little heave-ho every now and again.

Jess said...