25 March 2009

Uncharacteristic stick-to-it-iveness.

I wrote the first post on I was told there would be bacon on this day, three years ago.

Since I moved away from home to go to college, there have been few things I've stuck with for the amount of time I've been writing this blog. Even fewer things have lasted longer than that, save relationships with friends. Call it a fear of commitment, restlessness, immaturity or boredom. I'm not sure it's any one thing or a combination of them all.

Sure, I've lived in Minneapolis for 14 of the last 16 or so years, but most of my homes were abandoned for one reason or another within a year or two. I called the apartment where I "lived" before moving to Mankato home for four years. That is the longest I've lived anywhere, other than the house in which I grew up.

Of course, I use the term "lived" loosely, as I spent the majority of those years essentially living with The Cheating Asshole Ex (more on that later). However, I've lived in this apartment for a couple of weeks longer than I've been writing this blog. And I intend to stay here for the foreseeable future. Yay, stability!

I moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, but only after I spent my first year of college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Those three years at the U, I studied Journalism. When I finished college, I'd already decided I wasn't going to be a reporter. So I spent three years in grad school, studying nonprofit management. It would stand to reason that I got into research with my first job after finishing grad school, wouldn't it?

And jobs? Until my last job (I don't really count the mouse-infested office), I'd never worked anywhere for more than two years. I should have left well before I did, but I think I was so happy to be back in Minneapolis, I just didn't care about wasting my days away at a do-nothing job.

Back to The Cheating Asshole Ex ... I was with him for four-and-a-half years. That's by far the longest I've ever dated anyone. Oh, well, there were the three years of the Booty Call Matt era. But does that really count? The Boy I Currently Like has been around for half the time I've had this blog, which is pretty impressive. Actually, if you count the e-mailing before we met, he's been around for two-thirds of the blog. Shit, this blog (and his) is the reason we met.

Why I've been able to stick with blogging is something of a mystery to me. I enjoy writing, but I also do it every day as a part of my job. It's certainly an outlet. Obviously, yoga is not quite enough for me. It lets me update friends I don't talk to as often as I should. Blogging has allowed me to meet incredible people I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Every year, more and more of you show up to read my obscenity-laced, narcissistic rantings. I don't get it, but man, do I appreciate it. Now, some sort of celebration is probably in order, yes?


Daddy Geek Boy said...


Booze and bacon seems like a good way to celebrate.

Jess said...

Thanks, dude.

Is there ever a time where bacon and booze isn't the right answer?

Jon said...

I suddenly realized what an old fart I've become. Bacon is a treat due to high cholesterol. Alcohol is out of the question due to a multitude of reasons. So, I'll celebrate your success with another cup of mediocre coffee and go jump off a bridge.;)

Congratulations. You're a damned good writer and should be proud.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Congrats, Jess. I've enjoyed being let in on part of your life. I'll keep reading another three years, at least.

jana said...

i shall hoist a beer in honor of your blog this evening. maybe eat some bacon too.

Jess said...

Thanks, y'all.

And thank you for reading.