15 March 2009

Goin' dancing.


I knew the second Greg Gumbel revealed Louisville as the overall number one seed that the Gophers were in the NCAA tournament. I had to wait damn long enough to get the news, though. I suppose it could have been worse and they could have been in the South region.

(Side note: remember a few years ago when the NCAA tried to get everyone to start calling the regions by their location instead of Midwest, West, South and East? Guess that didn't take. Thank God.)

Man, beating Louisville way back in December proved to be uber important. I'm still fairly surprised. I've been under the impression that they were out since they shat the bed against Michigan last week. Which was their ticket in, I see. Looks like Penn State is out. Suckers.

I just couldn't wrap my head around all the talk by the Gopher announcers and all the ESPN talking heads that they were still in; that they weren't even on the bubble. The Boy I Currently Like and I have been talking about this fairly nonstop since at least Thursday. He agreed with me, but then again, he is not a fan of the Gophers. Poor guy -- he probably watched much more Gopher basketball this year than he ever would have wanted.

Yesterday, I told The Boy that I wouldn't be devastated if the Gophers didn't make it. After all, I didn't really think they deserved it after that loss to Michigan. But based on the butterflies in my stomach until their match-up was announced, I probably would have been pretty fucking bummed.

It's a damn shame that they didn't get a Friday/Sunday location. There would have been a good chance they played on Sunday and I would have had an excuse to skip my cousin's wedding shower. Because apparently the fact that wedding showers are my idea of hell, this weekend is my fucking vacation and I've had it planned since ... well, I've been taking the opening Thursday and Friday of the tournament off every year for at least five years (well, last year I was off because I didn't have a job), and I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO GO are not reason enough. God I fucking hate having a family sometimes.

Oh well. M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A!

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