04 March 2009

"Go forth and kick ass."

A few weeks ago, I was totally freaking out about what I should get The Boy I Currently Like for his birthday. I finally got around to giving him his gift last night and all the worrying was either unnecessary or it totally paid off. Or maybe a little bit of both, because he sure seems to like it. Of course, I would never be writing this post if it had seemed that he didn't like it. I'd just be weeping silently to myself for being such a failure.

The big part of the present was a game called Playing Gods. I actually even got a present from this present, but I didn't realize it. The game creator included a handwritten note to me in the box, which was kinda neat, but I didn't realize until last night that he'd also signed one of the posters that was included. And he signed it to me. Sweet! It says "Jessica -- Go forth and kick ass." Had I known he'd do this, I might have included a note that it was a gift for someone else, but I didn't and there wasn't anywhere to indicate it was a gift anyway. What are you gonna do?

My success didn't end with the game. In fact, I'm far more proud of myself for getting him two CDs he didn't have. That's something of a minor miracle. Buying music for him is like ... well, someone trying to buy music for me. The chances of introducing him to a band he's never heard of and might actually like or managing to find a CD he doesn't have from a band I know he loves are slim to none. BUT I DID IT! And two birthdays in a row, at that.

It was still a dicey proposition. He said every time he read a review of Great Lake Swimmers, he'd think to himself they sounded like a band he'd like. Yet he never got around to buying any of their discs. Whew.

My real coup, though, was with Amy Millan. I'd been thinking about sending him a song of hers for ages -- my favorite song off the album, "Skinny Boy" (only a taste this time -- if you like that go buy her album!). Our e-mail history is liberally peppered with .mp3 and .m4a attachments, as we have been sending each other music since before we even met. He's introduced me to more than I've introduced him, I think. But I bust out something every now and again that he not only never knew existed, but that he also likes.

But I resisted sending the song, because what if he loved the it and went out and got the CD? He would totally do that shit. I wasn't born yesterday, for Christ's sake. As he's pulling the Spider-Man wrapping paper off the CD, he says, "I've never heard of this one." (internal fist-pump) True, dear boy, but you have heard her voice. So have you, if you're a fan of Stars or Broken Social Scene (and if you're not a fan of Stars and Broken Social Scene, what the fuck is wrong with you?). Don't get me wrong -- I love Feist and Emily Haines, but Amy Millan's solo album is my favorite in the category of "Women who sang with Broken Social Scene at some point and also have solo CDs."

All in all, I'm fairly proud of myself. I'd say I'm glad I can relax for a while, but truth be told, I'm already on a bit of an alert for potential awesome Christmas gifts. *sigh* Issues: I have them.

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