11 March 2009

Do I need to contemplate my choice of insurance again?

Dammit, State Farm. Why must you always have commercials that piss me off so much airing during basketball? I've blogged about this before, for Christ's sake. This damn commercial is on all the time.

Okay, so I'm glad it's not stupid Mike Krzyzewski, but I'm not happy about this commercial with LeBron James and his friend making fun of the kid with the Kid 'n Play CD. Dammit LeBron, it was bad enough that I had to watch that Nike commercial with you throwing the talc/chalk all over the place (wonder where you got that from), but this is far more egregious. Why you gotta hate on Kid 'n Play? That ain't right and you know it. Why the dude with the Kid 'n Play CD is embarrassed is beyond me. House Party fucking rules.

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Jen said...

I'm sorry, but I giggle so hard when I see that commercial, especially the end where they're dancing. hahahaha! (Sorry)