08 March 2009

Cupcakes anyone?

Yes, that's bacon on top of the ganache icing those cupcakes. Many chefs say you should garnish a dish with some of the things that are in it, so people know what they are eating.

There's bacon in them thar cupcakes, y'all.

Honestly, how could I come across a recipe for dark chocolate bacon cupcakes and not try it out? What kind of bacon-loving, baking, hog farmer's daughter would I be? Not a very good one, I know that much.

The cupcake itself, sans bacon, would be delightful. There is coffee in the batter and not too much sugar, so the chocolate flavor is very deep. Add in the bacon, and you get a really good chocolate cupcake with bacon in it. I wish I could describe the flavor better, but that is exactly what it tastes like. You get the sweetness, the deep chocolate flavor and the smokiness from the bacon, with just a touch of saltiness. Quite frankly, I think they could have used a touch more salt.

Despite the fact that I slept late today, I was awfully productive -- much more so than the last couple of Sundays. Last week I was sick and had slept horribly the previous night. The Sunday before that, I was hungover from my birthday celebration. Sundays are often my cooking and baking day, but I'd not had a good one of those in what seemed like forever.

I think I made up for the lack of baking and cooking today, though. In addition to the dark chocolate bacon cupcakes, I made coriander corn muffins and I have a batch of island red beans and brown rice cooking away on the stove right now. Apparently, if you give me a fairly sleepless night, one less hour of sleep and one additional hour of daylight, I can be something of a dynamo.

The extra hour of daylight (it was even sunny, for fuck's sake!) can't be the only explanation for my improved outlook on life that seemed to surface out of nowhere today. An e-mail from Sarah asking if I wanted to go to Neko Case certainly helped. Checking my work e-mail and seeing there should be plenty to keep me busy this week was nice, too. Knowing I'm only working four days this week doesn't hurt. Knowing I'm working only three days next week is a mega bonus.

Oh, and the copious amounts of basketball on TV is making my head spin. This is the best fucking time of the year. Last year during Championship Week I was unemployed, so it was like the NCAA tournament on crack. For more than a week, I watched college basketball all day, every day. It was like a dream come true. Alas, I'll have to settle for watching just parts of the night games this week, but that's a small price to pay for being employed, I guess. And thank Christ I can get excited about the tournament even after the stupid fucking Gophers completely shit the bed yesterday.

Now, what the fuck am I going to do with all these damn cupcakes?


angelsroy33 said...

Eat. Them. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner! Sounds good to me. (Interesting, great combo BTW!)

Oh,...and if you wanna be generous, I guess you could always share.

Frank said...

Mail them to me?

jana said...

YUM. you are a bacon-baking goddess.

angelsroy33 said...

Hey,~me again. Just found a chocolate bar at Whole Foods made by Vosages. CHOCOLATE AND BACON, AND GOD IS IT UNBELIEVABLE GOOD. OMG! sorry The website is www.vosgechocolate.com
Have fun. (And you probably already knew about them, right?)

Jess said...

Oh, I am familiar with Mo's Bacon Bar. In fact, I met the combination of bacon and chocolate the day I met The Boy I Currently Like.

You should try the Red Fire bar if you get a chance. I have one in my fridge right now.

I wish I could mail the rest of those damn cupcakes to all of y'all. I'll never get them eaten and I have no idea with whom I can/should share them around these parts.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

How about just the recipe then?

Jess said...

Done and done.