23 March 2009

Cultivating a reputation.

It didn't take long for me to establish myself as the resident expert on hip hop and The Simpsons during afternoon trivia at work. I've since become one of the few go-to people for sports and music questions in general, not to mention embarrassing pop culture shit (there's so much I wish I didn't know).

However, things might be going a bit too far, as I'm now the one person answering the porn and weed questions. How do I know that the adult film star nicknamed "The Hedgehog" is Ron Jeremy? I have no idea. I swear! I just picked it up somewhere. Same thing with 420. Who knows where I learned that shit. Stoner Commish?

What matters is I KNEW THE ANSWER AND NO ONE ELSE DID. Suckers. I shan't be ashamed.

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