14 March 2009

Classy Saturday night.

Sometimes I like to treat myself to a lovely night at home. Tonight is one of those nights. I'm sipping a dirty martini while a very lovely New York Strip is marinating, just waiting to be cooked for my dinner, along with some oven-roasted potatoes.

Any other Saturday night would probably be cheap wine and whatever I felt like cobbling together from the cupboards and fridge. I've been sick or busy or just wiped out most weekends lately. Today I feel like a freakin' dynamo. Maybe it's the sun and warm (relatively speaking) temperature. Perhaps there's a bit of afterglow coming into play. Could also be knowing I have a short work week and pretty much the Most Wonderful Time of The Year coming up in mere days.

I'm getting started a bit later on the drinking and dinner than I might normally would have on a weekend. I lingered, watching basketball with The Boy I Currently Like before coming home to clean and shower and then go run my errands. So I'll be eating a bit late. Big deal. I have a clean apartment and all of my errands are done. This is terribly, terribly important.

It will be nice to only have to go to the gym tomorrow, and then everything else can be done in the house. Selection Sunday has a great deal of importance to me this year. Well, it has a great deal of importance every year, but the Gophers could get an invitation to the Big Dance this year. Honestly, I just can't see it. However, every damn talking head on ESPN is saying they are in. But Penn State was in earlier today and now Joe Lunardi has them in the first four out. IT'S CONSTANTLY CHANGING.

Man, I don't want to get my hopes up ... but I can't help it. Fuck.

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday! Sounds fabulous!

I was sitting in a board room in a motivational meeting...Boo on that!