11 February 2009

So much pressure.

The Boy I Currently like has a birthday in a couple of weeks and I am becoming completely obsessed with his present. Okay, I've been thinking about it since Christmas. While my mom's birthday in early January is entirely too close to Christmas for my taste, The Boy's birthday two months later gives me some breathing room, while allowing me to keep gift ideas in the back of my mind. Or it would seem, anyway.

I just want so fucking badly to give him something(s) that is at once funny, different and smart. Perhaps a little nerdy, too. I think I did pretty well with his Christmas present. He has quoted the book I gave him and seems to wear the t-shirt I gave him every time we see each other (which is terribly sweet and awfully cute).

However, I totally feel like I shot my wad with the Christmas gift. I'm so wary of books or music, despite the fact that he does indeed like the book I gave him for Christmas and raved about the CD I gave him for his birthday last year. There seemed to be so much less pressure last year, even though our birthdays were our first gift exchange. I don't recall obsessing over what I got him nearly as much as I am this year. Though, that could be due to the fact that I was unemployed last year and had other shit to obsess about.

Once I do decide what I'm going to buy him, I'll spend the intervening days until he opens said gift thinking, "I've made a huge mistake." Take the Christmas t-shirt, for example. I thought it was funny and clever. I told the World's Worst Wing Woman and possibly a couple of other girlfriends about it and they thought it was dumb. I berated myself for being so stupid as to think it was a funny t-shirt. I worried from the moment I hit the "submit order" button until the moment he opened the box, read the t-shirt and laughed.

Sweet, buttery Christ. It shouldn't be so hard. And it probably isn't. I'm just a freak who has to make her life as difficult as possible for some strange reason. After all the pondering, comparing, interwebs shopping, searching and hand-wringing, I'm sure I'll end up going with the stuff from his list of possible Christmas gifts that I thought could wait until his birthday. Then I'll worry until he opens them and at least pretends he likes them. But at least it will be over.

Until Christmas, of course.

Speaking of birthdays -- I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday today to one Muffy Willowbrook!


Daddy Geek Boy said...

A single instance of a bad gift would not turn me off of a girl that I like. Repeated bad gifts is another story. It doesn't sound like you're the latter, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Guys are simple creatures. It doesn't take a whole lot to win us over.

angelsroy33 said...

I'm sure THE GIFT thing will be fine.(I am the worst worrisome gift-giver.As soon as they start opening it, I start apoligizing right away. Isn't that the lamest thing you could hear?)And the grandparent thing really sucks. All of it.I totally understand how you feel,...my dad died 15 years ago this April, and it DOESN'T EVER GET EASIER. I miss him more than anything, and cry way more than I want to admit.Everyday something reminds me of him, and the hole in my life gets bigger,....we just gotta keep our heads up, and live like they would want us to,...at least thats what I tell myself.

Jess said...

Thanks for trying to head off my gift-giving neuroses. I'm not so much worried about giving a shitty gift as I am obsessed with giving an AWESOME gift.

But it's the thought that counts, yes?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Awwwww! Jess - you're too sweet. And you will come up with the perfect gift. I know it.

Becca said...

I am in the same boat. My guys b-day is not only too close to Christmas for my comfort, it is also 4 days after the Valentines day.

I have no idea what to get him and have been obsession about it for weeks. I did a fine job over Christmas but got him a lot of clothes, and he's not so much a clothes as presents kind of guy. Where'd you get the funny tee-shirt? He'd be into that?

Jess said...

Your guy and I share a birthday!

Jess said...

Also, I got the t-shirt from Torso Pants, which is a now-defunct offshoot of T-Shirt Hell.