16 February 2009

Road observations.

I did a lot of driving this weekend. Well, actually it was pretty much just yesterday and today. Down to the farm, then to Mankato to drop my car off, then back to town for my grandpa's 90th birthday festivities, then back to Minneapolis. Today, it was down to the farm, to Mankato to get my car (at least I didn't have to pay anything for my brakes) and back to the metro.

While I was out and about on the roads, I saw a lot of stuff, of course. But there were of a few things I saw a bunch of times.

Cops: The cops were out in full force today. I'm not sure I saw a single one yesterday. There was a Minneapolis cop parked in the driveway of the Calhoun Beach Club with a radar gun (that doesn't seem quite right) trying to catch speeders when I went by on my way to the gym. I saw a state trooper doing the same on 169 between Belle Plaine and Jordan. There were troopers with cars pulled over on 35 and I even saw the Waterville and Janesville cops. So, you know, eventually I slowed down and drove the speed limit. And I failed to see another cop. Of course.

PT Cruisers: All driven by old people, natch. There was even one in a particularly hideous shade of electric blue.

Ugly, ugly babies on anti-choice billboards: Have you ever seen a pro-life billboard with a cute baby? I haven't. They're all ugly. I don't get it. You'd think there would have to be at least one pro-life group with access to an attractive baby. Especially with the economy the way it is -- you'd think there would be at least a handful of adorable babies out there looking for work. Did they blow their entire budget on enlarging photos of aborted fetuses?

Is there some sort of additional, deeper message they're trying to send by using ugly babies? Because I'm not getting it. What I get is a harsh warning: You could give birth to something that looks like this. Do you really want to take that chance? Yeah, I'm a terrible person, but at least it's an extra reminder for me to take my birth control pills.


Diana said...

I agree with you on the ugly pro-life babies. Of course, it's only inbred crazies that let their children be on those billboards, so there's some selection going on there. I keep telling Sarah that she needs to put Alice on one of those, cause that's the cute ass baby you WANT to not abort. :)

Sarah said...

Ditto on the ugly babies on the billboards. I think they are more of an evil form of birth control than for pro-life choice encouragement!

Emily B. said...

We ALWAYS get PT Cruisers for rental cars (Brian rents cars a lot for work) and he just informed that they now only manufacture them for rentals. So, that might explain all the oldies driving them. Do they rent a lot of cars?

The baby thing is also a phenomenon. There aren't a lot of cute babies used in a lot of stuff. All tv babies are also ugly, too. I don't get it.

Jess said...

I guess we should all be glad that parents of adorable kids like y'all, Em and Sarah (and soon, Diana), aren't exploiting their offspring for cash.

That news about PT Cruisers might explain a lot. I was so worried I might get one when I had a rental. Oh, poor Em. I'm not laughing. I swear!

Emily said...

Girrrl, I don't drive those damn PT Cruisers! That's all Brian. Although, I must admit, I have driven one on occassion and they're not THAT bad. We would never, and I repeat never buy one but for a rental you could do worse (i.e., the blaze orange Mustang that Brian got for us to drive from NYC to Washington D.C.). Oh yeah, that was fun!

Jess said...

Hahahahahahaha. I can totally HEAR YOU saying "Girrrl ..."

Good thing you weren't on a crime spree in the blaze orange Mustang. Totally inconspicuous car, I'm sure.