17 February 2009

One letter can make a difference.

Earlier today, I was corresponding over e-mail with KayGee about whether or not to go to The Herk for happy hour tomorrow to use my $10 birthday coupon. Our original plans to go yesterday (along with The Prison Librarian) were thwarted by my driving all over Southern Minnesota. I suggested (in the most wishy-washy manner possible, I think) perhaps Friday. She countered with availability for tomorrow and this was my reply:

For whatever reason, I've been all "Oh, I'm just going to go to yoga and not do anything else on my birthday." But then I realize I barely got in a workout yesterday because I got awful craps while on the elliptical machine and I have plans with [The Boy I Currently Like] on Thursday so I'm skipping the gym that night.

At this point, I might as well say "screw it" to the entire week. I'd be down with tomorrow if you want.

I would say that the onset of "awful craps" would be just as valid a reason to cut your workout short as "awful cramps," which is what I actually had. I doubt I would find the idea of "awful craps" as hilarious as I do if I'd actually experienced them at the gym.

(Now I keep typing "cramps" even when I'm trying to type "craps." TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, BRAIN.)

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