24 February 2009

Nerdy Gras.

I've just returned home from my very first Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday party. We dubbed it "Nerdy Gras" when we realized just two fellows in the room could wear their masks properly, because the rest of us all were wearing glasses. Things only got nerdier from there, as we delved into Star Wars discussion.

Things must be coming up Milhouse for me. I mean, I kept my job. My birthday celebration turned out to be top-fucking-notch. I found out earlier today I'm getting a bonus (of course, my boss told me by pulling me into his office and closing the door, making me think that I was going to get the news of "Hey, remember when I told you that your job was safe?"), AND I GOT THE BABY FROM THE KING CAKE.

I failed miserably in not making everyone show me their tits before I left early because I'm lame. Obviously, I am a horrible, horrible Queen. There are certain privileges/responsibilities/superstitions that come with getting the baby. Notice, Classy Broads and Company, there is nothing on Wikipedia about the baby-getter ending up knocked up. I am not getting knocked up!

However, I do have to host the party and make the cake next year. Thank fucking Christ I have a year to work on my jambalaya, red beans and dirty rice. Man, Dave threw the fuck down in the kitchen tonight, y'all. I'm sure I can come up with something reasonably tasty, foodwise. However, I'm not going to replicate the delicious, delicious home brew we had.

I've got work to do. Mark your calendar, y'all.


Emily said...

I got the king cake Jesus too! We win!

Jess said...

Score! Show us your tits, everyone.

Jon said...

Don't forget the gumbo. It's best served with potato salad.

jana said...

jealous. damn me for living in madison. i would have loved to have upped the nerd factor.

Jess said...

I had no idea gumbo and potato salad went together.

Maybe I'll have the party on a Saturday next year, Jana. Not that your weekends are any more free than regular school days.

Jon said...

I didn't either, until I married a
Cajun lady.

Oh yeah, you have to put peeled boiled eggs in gumbo, too. I don't know why, but they are really good.

Jess said...

Oh my God, y'all -- I think the baby works.

I just received my "lost" W2, even though my old boss never returned my phone calls or e-mails and the payroll company couldn't get in touch with him. They sent it anyway.

Diana said...

So I don't need to take up that $300 collection? I might anyway, so we can get Dave to make us more Not Yo Bock.

Jess said...

Oooh! I want to contribute. Not Yo Bock is the best fucking maibock I've ever had.

Seriously. Summit's Maibock can lick my ass.