19 February 2009

Entirely too excited about food.

Sometimes I get way too excited about food. This is not-so-shocking a revelation once you get a glimpse of my big fat ass. But whatever. I normally try to eat healthy and I spend a good bit of time at the gym so I can have the occasional, totally-bad-for-me meal.

Actually, now that I think about it, I often get totally stoked about cooking at home; especially trying new recipes or taking a recipe that is not particularly healthy and experimenting with it to make it healthier while also keeping it tasty. It's been a pretty fun challenge since I started my Being a Better Jess campaign ... um, a couple of years ago? Man, has it been that long? I can only imagine I'll be doing more kitchen dorkery with the food scale my siblings and nephew gave me for my birthday. Perfect portions for everyone!

That's all really neither here nor there. It's just background thoughts while I try to keep from completely obsessing over tonight. For my birthday dinner, The Boy I Currently Like and I are getting ribs from Rooster's. And probably a couple of pieces of fried chicken, because he is apparently granting me birthday wishes like they're going out of style. But really, how do you never try the fried chicken from a place that is supposed to have fried chicken that rivals its ribs? (Also, I'm sometimes very indecisive. Ribs and chicken means everyone wins! And by everyone, I mean me.)

I've been drooling over the prospect of this dinner since he suggested it yesterday. My lunch looks like crap next to just the idea of ribs. And not just any ribs. They've won like, awards and shit from the City Pages and Mpls St. Paul Magazine. The Boy proclaims Rooster's ribs the best in all the Twin Cities. However, he is not a food critic. He is a very good eater, though. He also makes a breakfast that will get a girl all tingly. So obviously, his opinion matters to me.

Dammit. I'm drooling again. This is the slowest. day. ever.


jon said...

Bacon: good.
Ribs: good.

I can only write that the internet is much more pleasant when bacon and ribs are found on the same page, although the imagery is tough to handle while sipping old coffee. I guess I should tell you how terrible it is to be teased with bacon and ribs, but there's a masochistic pleasure in anticipating my next serving.

Jess said...

It's very mean, isn't it? Is it worse when I tell you that those ribs were so fucking good? Because they were. And the chicken? Oh my God. Even the coleslaw was perfect.

My car smelled just the tiniest bit of ribs when I got in to drive to work this morning. That was kind of cruel. My balanced breakfast is no match.

Jon said...

There's nothing mean by inspiration.

On my way home from work is a roadside establishment with ribs so tender, the meat falls from the bone when exposed to a gentle breeze. The chicken and brisket has almost caused death from ecstasy. I've almost cried when tasting the links.

I think I'll stop on the way and suffer from self imposed kindness. Until then, I'll sip my old coffee and count the minutes.

Jess said...

Yes, it's very important to do nice things for yourself. Glad to hear I was able to inspire you.

I'm looking forward to getting home and eating the rest of my ribs. And fries. And coleslaw. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not having any cold beer, though. It's shameful.