26 January 2009


My car is a total loss.

Thank you ever so fucking much for hitting me, jerkface dickwad asshole with the suspended license. Lord knows that this is exactly what I need in my life right now. Because I have tons of money to put toward a new (to me) car and even more time to spend looking for one.

God fucking dammit.


Today has just sucked ass. Work was super busy and most of our remotes were in, so there was extra shit going on. A bunch of us went out to lunch (my hair still smells of Indian food) and we had a big meeting and then had our holiday party this evening. Trying to make and return phone calls about a shitty, shitty subject just added to my totally feeling out-of-sorts.

I can't fucking believe this has happened to me again. It was about 10 years ago when my last car was totaled. An 83-year-old woman who didn't know what to do at a flashing red stoplight decided the best course of action was to follow the car in front of her through. The huge SUV in the inside lane saw her in time to stop, but with the huge SUV in the inside lane, I didn't even see her until she was hitting the fuck out of my car.

She admitted fault right away. Told the cops she was at fault. I was fucking pissed. Of course, the cop shoved me into the backseat of the cop car with her to help her fill out the police report. Man, fuck you and fuck her. The Beretta was fixed up with $500 of my insurance money and I drove it for a year. My heat stopped working in mid-December. It was getting tough to start the car. The fam went to Zihuatanejo for a week and the Cheating Asshole Ex-Boyfriend was supposed to stop by and try to start her up a few times while I was gone, but of course he didn't. I had plans to go home the day after we returned to Minneapolis to go looking for a new car. And then my car didn't start at all when I came back. My dad ended up picking out the Achieva for me that weekend.

I wasn't terribly stoked about her, because I had nothing to do with picking her out. But over the years I grew to love her. Even the whole transmission episode of this summer (that was fucking money well spent. A simple FUCK cannot convey the frustrated anger I want to impart here) didn't make me love her less. And now I'm forced to unceremoniously bid her adieu. I have to clean all my shit out so she can be towed away on Wednesday.

Looking for a new car will be tough, since I have to return the rental on Thursday. I won't have all of my money until this weekend. God, I just don't want to fucking deal with this shit.

There is a bright side (?), though. My friends are terribly supportive and times like this bring out the best in them. Also, at least I'm not getting canned (*crosses fingers*) like I was at this time last year.


Sarah said...

ugh, seriously, is there ANYTHING worse than unplanned car replacement?

I had to (SURPRISE!) replace my car about 2 months after I left my shithead ex. No money, just starting out on my own.

So lame. I wish you the best of luck. We have a really good used car person who will look for what you want for you-- you know where to find me if you want the info. :)

Jess said...

Thanks, Sarah. I might very well be taking you up on that offer.

Emily B. said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry to hear about this. Car trouble is the WORST!!! At least you don't have two kids that need carseats that you have to tote around. My mom got in an accident while driving our car (with Charlie in it) last winter. Our car was almost totalled and we had to deal with rental upon rental until it was fixed. No fun at all!!!! I know I can't do much from here but I'm sending you hugs and maybe treat yourself to some good wine?!

Jess said...

Thank you for reminding me that it can always be worse. Not only were there no children in my car when it was totaled, I wasn't even in it. I'm alternately wallowing in self-pity and alternately feeling like a complete asshole for the whole self-pity thing.

Like I said, at least I still have my fucking job. I got through unemployment, I can get through this.

Thanks, Em. Perhaps a good way to break in the new car after I get it would be a roadtrip to Milwaukee.

Also, I am treating myself to wine, but it's Three Buck Chuck. I believe in quantity over quality in this case.

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your car, Jess. I will always remember her chugging along to Duluth in the heat to see my fave band. (moment of silence)I know how frustrated you feel about having to get another car. I'm curious though, why won't they let you keep the rental longer? But yeah, at least it seems you're trying to look on the bright side. Last week we gave 5 people the news that their last day would be May 1. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of people, but it's about 10% of our workforce. But like you, I'm just happy to have a damn job.

Jess said...

Ah yes. The summer of much overheating. I proved I could live without AC in the car for a few years, so I'm really willing to scrimp on features.

I have several good roadtrip memories in the Achieva -- Duluth to see Wilco, Indianapolis to meet up with friends attending a Star Wars convention (we saw Storm Troopers eating in the mall!), Milwaukee for Miss Emily B's bachelorette party ... all good times.

Good to hear I talk a good game about putting up a positive spin on things. My stomach is in knots, my shoulders are all up around my ears and I'm constantly on the verge of tears, so it's all a sham. But if it's a good one, that's all that matters.

.::~P~::. said...

Sorry to hear about your car dudette

Daddy Geek Boy said...

That sucks.

Sorry to hear it.

Emily B. said...

Yes, a road trip to Milwaukee is definitely in order! Great way to break in the new ride. What are you going to get anyway? I'd be upset too so just let yourself be pissed for a while and then get over it. You're right, a lot worse shit is going on but you're allowed to wallow for a bit. Enjoy that 3 Buck Chuck. I love that stuff!!!

Jess said...

Thanks, y'all.

Em, I have a Chevy Malibu on hold until Saturday at the dealership near home where I bought the Achieva. An old family friend works there.

If all goes well, I'll have all my money by then and I'll have a new car and I will call her Barbie.

I don't hold out hope for all going well, though. I'm hoping for "not horrible."