15 January 2009

Ski-U-Mah, motherfuckers!

What a fucking comeback by the Golden Gophers against the Badgers. In overtime, no less!

I'm a bit troubled by the fact that The Boy I Currently Like seems to be bad luck. They were losing before he left. Then all of a sudden, they come storming back to tie the game and send it to OT. They're up by eight in overtime and he calls to make sure I'm watching the game and then Wisconsin cuts the lead in half and then to two points.

Guess there will be no watching Gopher games together until he proves he's not a jinx.


Emily B. said...

Yay Gophers! I was especially happy about this one b/c I am surrounded by Badger fans. Brian went to UW and he's turned Charlie into a "Badger guy." Every week-end, I have to listen to Charlie say, "Daddy, we are Badger guys." Ugh!!!!!

Jess said...

What? Nooooooooooooo!

We have to get to Alex first and make him a Gopher fan. You just can't be outnumbered in your own home.

Emily B. said...

Oh, I know it's terrible! I plan on getting to Alex immediately. Hmmm, maybe I need to do a little online shopping for some baby Gopher gear. I'm sure there's something cute in gold and yellow, right????

Jess said...

I bet you could get him a little basketball uniform! And then I would die, from the cuteness.