23 January 2009

Perhaps I'll hold off a bit on bashing Progressive.

They've given me a rental, but no one will look at my car until Monday. I'm starting to worry that my car will be totaled and I'll have to get a new one and I cannot afford car payments. Why spend all weekend worrying about something that might not happen? Why the fuck not? It's what I do.

Things do tend to look worse in the light of day, no?

I feel like such a fucking asshole for whining about this. There are people with much bigger problems out there. Yet, here I am, bitching and complaining. Why? Um, I already told you -- I'm an asshole.

At least I won't have to skip the gym this weekend or get around on the bus in the butt-ass cold. And I can get to work on Monday. Oh, our awesome new president ended the global gag rule today, too. Sweet!


Krista said...

Did you find this picture on the internet? Seriously, it looks like one of those car bombs in Iraq. How sad for you. I'd be upset, too. Good luck with everything.

Peach Pit said...

Yes, good luck - car troubles in the wintertime are the most annoying.

Jess said...

That is the actual picture of my car.

Thanks, ladies. Whatever happens, happens, I guess. I'll know something tomorrow, I guess.