11 January 2009

No more doin' it on the floor.

The Boy I Currently Like finally got his bed yesterday. Well, he had the bed frame when he moved in, but the mattress had to wait. He pretty much started over, furniture-wise and you just can't buy everything all at once, you know?

It's all terribly exciting. And perhaps this excitement was part of the reason I could not fucking get to sleep for what seemed like hours. Though I highly doubt it was even a full hour.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm just terrible at sleeping. You would think that after several months of the shitty futon, followed by a good three months of sleeping on the floor, that I would just melt into that bed. But no. The bed was in a different place in the bedroom than the sleeping bag had been. And we were up off the floor. And I was sleeping on the outside, because I get up to pee and get a drink of water a million times. Meanwhile, he barely even moves until I start working on waking him up. Why the side of the bed I slept on would matter is beyond me. This was the first time I ever slept on this damn bed. Shit, it was the first time he slept on it.

It's not like I sleep over there all the time -- we're talking something I do once a week or so. But Jesus H. Christ, I am a crazy creature of habit when it comes to sleeping (and most things, to be honest). Once we switched sides on the futon and once on the floor and I barely slept either time. WHY AM I SUCH A FREAK?

Eventually, I did drift off and I slept like a fucking rock for a while. I'm sure it won't be very long before I'm used to the new arrangements. The fact that I can sleep at his place at all is amazing -- and I was able to do it from day one. That is so very unlike me. That makes me very happy. The first time I stayed over at the Cheating Asshole Ex's place, I didn't sleep at all. It really never got much better than that, and that's pretty much the story of me sleeping with anyone -- male or female, platonic or otherwise. Until now.

Not only did I get to sleep in a bed, I also got scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast. Man, I feel like a fucking princess. (And yes, it really is that easy to make me happy.)


.::~P~::. said...

Wow I know what you mean!!! I've been sleeping on a crappy futon since Feb. 2008 that I brought in when I moved with my current bf and hes so much bigger than me that he destroyed the comfortableness. Sucks.

We got a new bed this weekend. WOOT.
....its too fucking hard for ME. grrrr

more sleepless nights!!!

Go us.

Jess said...

I have a friend who can destroy a mattress in no time. He's not super-huge or anything, but gravity must affect him more than the rest of us.

But yay for new beds. Though it sucks yours in uncomfy. I like a firm mattress, but sleeping on the floor was just a tad too much for me.