02 January 2009

No, I am not going to the Vikings game.

Stop asking me. The next person who asks will get punched in the junk. I'm not kidding. I don't give a shit if the game isn't on TV.

We are broken up. It's been more than two years. I can't say I've fully moved on, because I still don't have a new favorite team. But there is no getting back together with me and the Queens. I'm actively cheering against them. I can't say I hate them ... well, okay, maybe I could.

I'm still leaning toward teams on which I have or had fantasy players. Teams for which I have a weird soft spot (that year in North Carolina made me the tiniest bit fond of the Panthers, I guess) are game, too. This year, I'm all about the resurgent Falcons and Dolphins in the playoffs. I do loves me an underdog.

One of these days a team will catch my eye and love will blossom again. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying foosball for foosball's sake.

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