12 January 2009

Maybe I'm not a horrible person, after all.

Despite the fact that it snowed all fucking day, my commute home wasn't bad and I had no reason to skip the gym. My back was pretty tight after sleeping weird on The Boy's new bed, so I really needed to go to yoga.

When I was changing into my gym shoes, putting my hair up and whatnot before heading up to do cardio, I noticed an iPod sitting on the bench across from me. There wasn't anyone around and no one came over in the few minutes I was there to pick it up.

So I go up and spend a little time on the elliptical machine and I came back down to get my yoga mat. The iPod is still there. You're not going to forget your iPod while up in the gym working out, right? And who would spend a half hour in the shower at the gym? Someone forgot that shit.

I grabbed it up and took it to the front desk. Quite frankly, I was shocked it was still there after I finished cardio. I couldn't leave it to chance. If I lost my iPod (and I have, very briefly, a few times), I would go fucking nuts. I'm not sure I would want to live. A bit melodramatic? Yes. But probably not that far from the truth.

Stealing it didn't even occur to me. Maybe I do have a heart, after all.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Did you at least look at what was on it?

Jess said...

You know, that never even occurred to me.

That's probably due to the fact that I generally hate most of the people at my gym and I'm also a raging music snob. I'm sure I'd hate their music.

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

You did the right thing!

They did this on an episode of Dateline. They left iPods out in public places, to see who took them. And if you took it, Chris Hanson busted you! And then you were broadcast all over national tv as an iPod thief.