05 January 2009

It's (not) official.

After rejecting Norm Coleman's appeal to include more than 650 rejected (but contested) absentee ballots, the State Canvassing Board certified Al Franken as the winner of Minnesota's senate race, two months after the election.

Fucking awesome, yes? Stuart Smalley is my senator!

Slow your roll there, cupcake. The certification is conditional for seven days. The Coleman camp has those seven days to challenge the recount results. And challenge they will.

This quote from Fritz Knaak, Coleman's attorney, just fucking kills me:

“Given our campaign’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that the vote of no Minnesotan is disenfranchised, today’s ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court is both disappointing and disheartening,” Knaak said in a statement.

He also said: “Today’s ruling, which effectively disregards the votes of hundreds of Minnesotans, ensures that an election contest is now inevitable. The Coleman campaign has consistently and continually fought to have every validly cast vote counted, and for the integrity of Minnesota’s election system, we will not stop now.”

Man, fuck you. Coleman certainly didn't give two shits about disenfranchising any voters when he called for Franken to concede immediately after the election. He said Franken shouldn't burden the taxpayers with a recount and related nonsense. Never mind that Franken wasn't asking for anything; the election results were so close as to trigger an automatic recount under state law.

So, I guess Norm only cares about disenfranchised voters when he's not winning. Well, that's a fucking shocker.

I hate the idea of Minnesota being down a senator, which we are, as Coleman's term expired on Saturday and his offices have been locked up. But I certainly don't want Franken's campaign doing anything that could appear presumptuous and later complicate an already complicated issue.

If I didn't think Norm Coleman wasn't slimy and evil, and that he cared about getting on with the business of representing the people of Minnesota more than he cared about himself and his own career and potential political gains, I might hold out hope that he'd accept this certification gracefully and be glad he had the opportunity to represent us. But I believe Norm Coleman is slimy and evil and really only cares about himself, so I fear this legal battle is going to get ugly.

This certification of the election results is another in a mounting series of small victories, but it's not over yet. I can only hope against hope that it will be over soon.


supertoyz said...

Norm "Green Goblin" Coleman, love it.

I'm with you there. I remember just hours after the original verdict the Green Goblin was on TV trying to guilt Franken into not having a recount. Way to know your own state law, buddy.

Jess said...

Doesn't he look a little bit like Willem Dafoe? Except Dafoe is only pretend creepy (as far as I know, I guess), while Coleman is for reals.

Seriously, he's going to be a huge douche about this.

Andrew DK said...

How the hell did that ass get elected before anyway?

Jess said...

*sigh* That's a sore subject for me, even after several years.

Coleman was running against Paul Wellstone in 2002. When Wellstone died in a plane crash shortly before the election, Walter Mondale took his place.

The speakers at Wellstone's memorial service were very passionate and some of their remarks sounded a bit political, and so Coleman and Republicans all over the country got their undies in a bunch and were all "How dare you turn this into a political rally!" And I guess the voters agreed.

It's all still very depressing.