28 January 2009

The homoeroticism is just a bonus.

I had to figure that eventually I would disagree with something posted a Jezebel. It finally happened today with this post: College wrestling looks kinda gay.

I've been a wrestling fan since I was a wee lass. My dad and all my uncles wrestled. My hometown was a big wrestling town. I was a wrestling cheerleader for a year and then moved on to be a wrestling statistician. I worked at little kids' wrestling meets and even at high school wrestling tournaments. My best friend's dad was the head wrestling coach. I went to the state tournament every year (which is where I met and hung out with Paul Wellstone's son Mark right after Paul Wellstone took office and totally showed how much of a fucking dork I was by gushing about how fucking awesome his dad was). I've been to the state tournament since I graduated high school. More than once. I watch college wrestling now any time I can.

The whole "it's so gay" thing is so old. But if you're a wrestling fan, it comes with the territory. The Boy was flipping through channels on Saturday afternoon and I kept seeing that wrestling was on, so I asked if he could please just go to the info screen to see who was wrestling. He went so far as to turn the channel so I could actually watch a bit of it, but not without teasing me about the homoeroticism that permeates the sport.

Man, have you listened to the announcers in basketball talking about getting good penetration? What about football? Shit, Dick Enberg seems to be contractually obligated to make at least one homoerotic call per game. Let's not forget all the ass-slapping in pretty much every male sport.

All I'm saying is, it's not just wrestling that's homoerotic. It's actually a really tough sport. Besides, UFC looks WAY more gay than wrestling. Have you watched that shit?


Ezekiel Barzillai Smythe said...

Homoeroticism is never "just" a bonus. It is a bona fide bonus... Sorry, this is coming from someone who wishes they knew how to dance the schottische --- how "GAY"!

Jess said...

You do know I can't help but read that as boner fide, right?

Don Gwinn said...

Folkstyle wrestling is slightly less gay than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It used to be more gay, because it featured spandex unitard gigolo uniforms and BJJ was played in respectable heavy cotton pajamas, like a silly, giggly pillow fight.

But nowadays BJJ players are just as likely to be in spandex . . . and the Brazilians practically wear lingerie.

However, I was taught by a Brazilian black belt, trained by Carlson Gracie Jr. himself, that BJJ is only gay if you make eye contact.

Jess said...

I would think you'd have to be just a tiny bit turned on for it to actually be gay. But if you say so ...