03 January 2009

Holy shit! Back-to-back!

Not only did the Timberwolves win back-to-back games tonight and last night, but I actually got to watch both games. Okay, so I was watching football and flipping to the Wolves game for a while tonight. But I watched the last several minutes and mostly ignored football.

I know that motherfucking awful collapse against Dallas earlier this week was the epitome of suck, but I'm feeling a wee bit better about this team. Besides, you had to know they were going to lose that game against the Mavs. I came home from the gym and it was halftime or so and they were up by 20 or 22. I said to myself, "Well, this won't last." By the time I got out of the shower, they were down by two.

They seem to know just how little they can do to keep me watching. I must admit I got sucked in by Stephon Marbury last night, talking with Hanne and Pete. I was all, "Why the hell is he here?" Oh, um, because his cousin plays for the Wolves? Speaking of Starbury, it's ever so interesting to hear his name being bandied about as a possible addition to the Celtics. You didn't like playing second banana to KG when you were here, but since you've not played at all this year, you'll have no problem playing fourth banana, at best now, huh? The prospect of a ring will make you reconsider many things, no?

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