02 January 2009

Free booze!

Well, I don't think it's actually free. I can only imagine I bought it and then proceeded to forget about it. Unless, of course, the booze fairy came ... If that is the case, it's about damn time.

Whatever the reason, I came across an entire extra bottle of Jameson while finally putting the rest of my party shit away. Yes, I'm sometimes terribly about putting shit away. Stop judging me, asshole.

Because I am a crazy person, I was momentarily distressed by this abundance of whiskey. Macho Man was here not that long ago and had a drink before we went up to the Herk to watch the Bears beat the Packers. Since he finished the bottle, I thought I was out. I bought a new bottle earlier this week to make sure I had plenty for the New Year's Eve party. Then Mrs. Dirk brought a bottle and left the remainder here and OH MY GOD. I HAVE TOO MUCH JAMESON.

Then I came to my senses and remembered that a) I love Jameson and b) liquor doesn't go bad. The random beers that make up just about a case, the partial bottle of Captain Morgan to complement the nearly full bottle of Captain Morgan I have and will never drink ... Perhaps those aren't as much of a cause for celebration. However, they do make for a very good reason to have another party. So I guess they are a cause for celebration.

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