04 December 2008

Things I did as a kid that I will no longer do.

The idea for this post came to me this morning while I was watching SportsCenter. I saw on the ticker that one of my favorite former NBA players, Rodney Rogers, was paralyzed in an ATV accident. The ticker said sometimes that he was paralyzed from the shoulders down and sometimes just paralyzed.

I seriously loved him. College Roommate and I were tangential Nuggets fans back when he was playing. She loved ... God, who was it? I can see him, but his name isn't coming to me. Anyway, we both loved Rodney Rogers. I even got to see him play in Denver after Liska moved there. Awe.some. And who doesn't remember that playoff series where the lowly Nuggets upset the Seattle Supersonics? Just me? Okay. There were rumours of him coming to the Wolves at one point and I was so. fucking. stoked. Of course that never happened.

He's lucky he survived, of course. My friend Blondie's brother died a couple of years ago after flipping his four-wheeler. Stuff like this leaves me amazed that I survived my childhood. We had a three-wheeler when I was awfully young. We never had any training. We never wore helmets. We rode that thing unsupervised a lot of the time. I flipped the three-wheeler and ran over my leg once. My siblings ran it into the car and flipped it in the ditch. My cousin got the throttle stuck and hit a tree. How are we all still alive and ambulatory?

Another thing I won't do? Get on a snowmobile. We never wore helmets on that, either. My dad had a sled that he would put us in, since there were three of us and we couldn't all fit on the actual snowmobile. We were dumped out if it at least once. The sled separated from the snowmobile at least once, too, leaving me and my sister in the middle of a field. Fun!

What else? Get in a car and go driving around on a frozen lake. The last time I did that, two cars went through the ice on the same lake. Look, I know the ice gets thick enough to drive on and whatnot, but what if you hit a thin spot? Or an open spot? Good Lord. There's nothing that would get me on a frozen lake in a car. Or on foot. Or on any other type of conveyance.

I'm entirely too tired to proofread this thing. Apologies for poor editing and whatnot.


Emily said...

I've never done any of those things (I had more of an indoorsy family), but I certainly don't plan on it. Everyone I know who does adds alcohol to the mix, I think I'd rather not die.

Jess said...

I think part of the reason I refuse to do those things now is because I'm also not the most outdoorsy person ever. I do enjoy my sitting-outside-and-drinking time when the weather is nice. But I'm perfectly content to just sit and drink and enjoy whatever view I have.

I'd also rather not die, though.