12 December 2008

So awesome even 10-year-olds want in.

Last weekend, the entire fam -- the 'rents, us kids, my nephew and my brother's girlfriend -- went to the northern 'burbs to watch my nephew play some hoops. They all got together to pick me up, and as we were driving down Lyndale Avenue, we saw a bunch of people who looked like they were on an Ugly Christmas Sweater pub crawl.

This got us to talking about the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon, which seemed to have resonated with my nephew, because a couple of days later, my sister sent me the following text:

[Your nephew]just told me he wants to get an ugly sweater so he can go on pub crawls. I asked him if he knew what a pub crawl was ... he doesn't.

So he's too young to go on pub crawls. That doesn't mean that he can't have an Ugly Christmas Sweater. This is why I bought one for him when I got mine on Wednesday. He won't get it until Christmas and it won't fit him by next year. But that doesn't matter. What matters is he's obviously a cool-ass kid who apparently thinks some of the stuff his aunt does is cool enough for him to want to do it. Score!

This totally makes you want to come to the pub crawl tomorrow doesn't it? You probably should. I'll be the girl with the pigtails in the sweater adorned with sweater-wearing miniature schnauzers. Meta!

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Jen said...

I could totally see your nephew at a pub crawl because he is just.that.cool.

And speaking of ugly sweaters, I swear I must see at least one a day, although I probably saw 5 when I was shopping last Saturday. I know the wearers of said sweaters can totally see the disgust on my face. Happy Holidays!