23 December 2008

Not mourning the Morning Show.

I've spoken many times in this blog about my love for The Current. But there was always one thing I kind of hated about it -- The Morning Show. Okay, I completely and unapologetically hated it. I didn't think their skits were the least bit funny. Only very rarely did they play a song I recognized, much less liked. It was radio for old people and hippies and seemed totally out of place on The Current.

And yet, I listened to it. It's true. I listened because despite its suckitude, it was better than the rest of the putrid radio options we have here. And I couldn't listen to my iPod because the tape thing I use to listen to it in the car stops working once the temps fall below 40 and I've been forgetting to buy a new one every single time I've gone to Target.

Then last month, I heard some great news. The Morning Show was ending. Hallelujah! Even better, Steve Seel would be doing the new morning show. Steve Seel is my second-favorite Current host, right behind the one and only Mary Lucia.

I have to say that Seel has not disappointed me through his first several days in his new gig. Despite the ass-rammingly cold mornings and shitty, snowy drives, my morning commute now seems as pleasant as my evening commute. A good soundtrack can really make a lot of life's minor trials and tribulations seem like nothing. I've yet to hear Seel bust out anything totally odd like Mary Lucia is wont to do (and for which I love her dearly), but that's alright. Hearing something along the lines of Van Halen, Janet Jackson or Tone Loc twice a day might delight me a bit too much.

There is one other thing about The Current that has been bothering me lately. It must be a somewhat recent development -- by that, I mean over the course of this year. I listened all day, every day at work before I was let go in January. I rarely listened for a while when I was unemployed. I didn't listen at the vermin-infested hell job and I don't listen here. Until the temps dropped, I was listening to my iPod all the time in the car.

What I'm saying is, I can't pinpoint when this happened. However, I've noticed that I hear a lot of the same songs pretty damn often on any given day. And I'm not in the car for more than about an hour total all day -- 20ish minutes each way to and from work and then a total of 20 minutes round trip to the gym. Obviously, some days it's more than others if traffic is bad or I'm running errands. But really, I wouldn't think I'd hear one song three times in one day. Maybe it's just the times I'm in the car? I hear that Calexico song at least twice a day (which is fine, because I like it). I was hearing more Ceasars than could possibly be warranted. The Bird and The Bee, Cold War Kids, The BPA, new Franz Ferdinand ... Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me being a freak?

I hate to complain (hahahahahahaha. No I don't. I love to complain!), because as I said before, even if they are playing the crap out of some songs, the songs are a million times better than whatever the other stations are playing. Even if it is shit like Cold War Kids and new Coldplay. Oh, Chris Martin. Where did it all go wrong?

I'm all weepy for old Coldplay, as I've been listening to Parchutes, The Blue Room EP and the Brothers and Sisters single this morning. Oh, and "Amsterdam" from A Rush of Blood to the Head. I was listening last night as I fell asleep, too. Macho Man and I were talking about how motherfucking good Parachutes was last night while watching Packer fans be disappointed at The Herkimer last night. It really makes me sad to know Snow Patrol is following this same path. But at least I'll always have their good albums, just like I have Parachutes and the EPs and singles that came before.


my name is Amanda said...

I felt sorta sad when I heard TMS was going away, in a nostalgic, “things from my childhood are no more” kind of a way, but not b/c I felt it made sense for that station. Also, that “ticker tape” noise they would play in the background of the news, as well as the intro “Mr Sports, Mr Action, Mr Jim Ed Poole!” – both of these made me feel ENRAGED. I can’t say why.
You're right - The Current has definitely been more playlist-oriented, than experimental, in the last year. I only mind this when they play fucking Lucinda Williams or that new Atmosphere song (which is not THAT good), tho. And it’s funny how some Coldplay songs are “worthy,” like “Strawberry Swing,” but the ones they play on Cities 97, like “Viva la Vida,” are not.

supertoyz said...

I know this might be just a bit off topic, but do you remember Rev 105? Ahhh…now THAT was a radio station. Much sadder when that went off the air than the loss of the MPR Morning Show. I know there are a couple of the old Rev DJ’s on The Current. Or, there used to be.

Jess said...

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the change. And you're right -- it's only annoying when they play the crap out of the songs you don't like. You won't hear me bitching about them playing the fuck out of the new Oasis and Ryan Adams.

Sadly, I'm going to have to go all music-snobby, "I-liked-them-before-they-were-mega-popular" with Coldplay and say that I don't think a damn thing from their last two albums is worthy. Aside from "Amsterdam," they're pretty much dead to me post-Parachutes.

Supertoyz, I was under the impression that any discussion of The Current mandated bringing up Rev 105. Sadly, I didn't listen to it that much, as I was really into hip hop (KMOJ anyone?) those days.

supertoyz said...

Oh yeah, I was really into hip-hop back in the day too, and still am. If I remember right, KMOJ played a lot of good local hip-hop and rap artists. I bounced between Rev and KMOJ. Glorious days they were.

Kate said...

I totally 100% agree with you about the morning show. The only good think about it was that it forced me to listen to the news, which is important I suppose. And in regards to Amandas comment... NOTHING made me feel more engraged at 8am than hearing the into to Mr Sports, Action, Jim Ed Pool. If I never hear that again, it will be too soon! I learned that the current was switching to a new format sometime last February and I have totally noticed it. Do I like hearing The Flaming Lips on the radio? Yes. Do I like hearing a flaming lips song every time i'm in the car? No.

Jess said...

Amen, sister. A-fucking-men.