08 December 2008


Okay, look -- I'm all for Randy Wittman being fired from the craptastic job he's doing as coach of the Timberwolves. It's not like anyone could possibly have seen this coming or anything. I mean, he has such a stellar record as a head coach in the NBA. Besides, there are apparently people who want him for other coaching jobs. Or they did a couple of years ago. I notice they weren't clamoring for him after Kelvin Sampson's fall from grace.

It looks like Glen Taylor is getting ready to make a change, but Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ, NOT THIS ONE. This had better be a very temporary move while the details are hammered out in a contract with Sam Mitchell (or possibly Flip Saunders or Avery Johnson ... or really anyone else who isn't Kevin McHale). However, since hiring Sam Mitchell would be an excellent and awesome move, I fear that's not what Taylor is planning.

God, I hate you so much Glen Taylor. And you too, Kevin McHale.

Update: It's official. Fucksticks.


scargosun said...

Can I have permission to use the word 'fucksticks'? I had to eat way too many fishsticks as a child and I think this will help me work that out.

Jess said...

By all means, use it as much as you like. I certainly didn't make it up.

At least, I don't think I did.