21 December 2008

It's a Hanukkah miracle!

I already used "It's a Christmas miracle!" to describe my sister's decision to shave her legs for the first time in a month, so I thought I should change things up a bit. Also, it is the first day of Hanukkah.

Enough about that, though. You're wondering just what this miracle is, aren't you? On my way to the gym today, I was driving down 32nd Street and saw something I've never seen in any neighborhood I've ever lived in as long as I've lived in Minneapolis -- I saw cars being ticketed AND TOWED for violating the snow emergency parking rules.

Now, I know people get ticketed and towed all the time. I see them standing in line at the impound lot on the news. I read their stories of frustration and woe on the interwebs. But I have never seen cars being towed where I live. I'm not even sure I've seen many get ticketed.

Look, I realize how badly it must suck to get your car towed. But when you don't move your car so the plows can clear the streets after a snow, it sucks for everyone else. You want to be the person who has to park in that last spot on the street that's all fucked up because some jackass didn't feel like moving their car? Do you want to have to shovel your car out the next day? Do you want to be the drivers playing chicken down narrow side streets made even more narrow by all the snow piled up along the sides that didn't get plowed? I know I fucking hate that shit.

I'm sorry I'm fanatical about the parking rules. I don't want to get my car towed. Not only is it an enormous pain-in-the-ass, but I could rarely ever afford to pay the fines and fees associated. The City e-mails me when they declare a snow emergency. I have the hotline number programmed into my phone. I check the city's website and the Strib pretty incessantly when I think there might be a snow emergency declaration. If I go out of town in the winter, I leave my car with one of my siblings or give the keys to a friend in the city who will move it if necessary.

Who ever said a touch of OCD was a bad thing?

In other Sunday news, I hope for the sake of anyone heading to Target today that they got their computers back up and running. I stopped in the St. Louis Park Target before going to the gym to get my last gift and some shave gel so I could avoid the post-Christmas rush of people and it wasn't that busy, but there were only two registers open and the lines were long. Uh, it's the last weekend shopping day before Christmas. Maybe you should have some more registers open? Then, I go to check out and they can only accept cash and checks due to the computers being down. Thank goodness I threw my checkbook into my purse for work tomorrow, or I might have been cranky.

I am so fucking glad I went early. I'm glad I'm done with all my Christmas stuff, too. Presents were wrapped last night. And while I think the Post-in notes currently indicating which present is for which friend/family member/Boy I Currently Like lend a certain amount of "I'm totally lazy" charm, it's probably good that I picked up some to/from tags at Target today.

The Bob Saget Fan Club is behind at the moment, but not as badly as we could be. Man, if I didn't have to scale a snowbank to get out back to do my laundry, today would be totally fucking awesome.


Andrew DK said...

Good for you. Last year I had all my stuff bought by thanksgiving. This year I totally fucked off and now have late packages being sent to my apartment that I won't be at for 2 weeks. Fun fun. 0_o

Jess said...

This is actually kinda early for me. I often would finish on Christmas Eve.

Procrastination rules!