29 December 2008

I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class.

Especially since I rule. Yes, I'm sorry. It's time for more self-indulgent bragging. Sorry! Oh wait. No I'm not.

The Bob Saget Fan Club came up short in the championship game for my fantasy football league. Yeah, I get some cash, but not the glory. Fuck. I believe I finished in fourth place in the big I Dislike Your Favorite Team Pick 'Em contest. Had I not failed to click the "submit" or "save" button in week 12 or so, I probably would have gotten something. Stupid!

Oh, but there was another IDYFT pick 'em challenge. They have the same name? Really? I could have sworn one was at least slightly different than the other. This one was hosted by novelist Andrew Wice (buy his book!). Unlike the one mentioned above that I didn't win (hosted by the always delightful Big Blue Monkey), this did not involve picking against the spread. I didn't even understand it for the first few weeks. However, I somehow managed to win the whole thing. Thanks due mostly to the Detroit Lions being the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked (sorry Frank).

I await delivery of my To The Last Drop t-shirt with bated breath. I love that I beat a bunch of sports-savvy boys. I like being a winner. After the year I've had often feeling like a mega-loser, it's a nice change.

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