26 December 2008

I love a day off work.

Of course I didn't work yesterday, but half of that was spent with the fam, so it doesn't really count. If you get more than one day off for a particular holiday, only the day that isn't the actual holiday really counts, right? Regardless, a good day off work is spent at home, doing as little as possible. And hopefully watching a Law & Order marathon.

Wait, that's not right. I had an excellent day off today and I have barely been home. I stayed at The Boy's last night. We exchanged Christmas presents this morning (he did good). He made me breakfast (!) and we watched a movie before I had to haul ass back home to shower and get ready for a holiday happy hour at The Independent with Mrs. Dirk, the World's Worst Wing Woman, KayGee and The Prison Librarian. What a fucking awesome idea that was. I have nothing to do tomorrow later afternoon, either. Maybe I should try to swing another one?

It's delightful knowing I have two more days with no work (but a bit of family time), then two days of work before I have FIVE DAYS OFF IN A ROW. Oh my God, y'all. How fucking awesome is that? Granted, I guess I am having a party on New Year's Eve, so I have to get ready for that. Retro appetizers and Wii -- awesome, no?

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