15 December 2008

Good and bad.

Good: I'm posting from my brand-spanking-new laptop. It's red!

Bad: I had to buy a new laptop and lost all my music. Again.

Good: I got into my car with little problem this morning. My car was not stuck in the snow/ice. My commute only took about five minutes longer than normal.

Bad: IT IS FUCKING COLD AND GETTING COLDER. My car started this morning, but will it start tomorrow, since it's supposed to be -20 tonight? While driving was fine for me, there were so many assholes out on the road today and tonight. Just because you can't see the lane markings doesn't mean you don't have to signal, assbags.

Good: This is my last full week of work for the year. Work is totally busy.

Bad: Work is totally busy for me, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is busy. Why am I working late?

Bad: I am zitty and my boobies hurt SO. FUCKING. MUCH.

Good: This means the craziness/anger/weepiness is all hormonal and I'll be back to normal soon. Just don't know when.

Good: Barring an 11-point adjustment in my opponent's favor, The Bob Saget Fan Club is in the championship fantasy football game.

Bad: I'm up against the Stoner Commish, who has an uncanny knack for fucking me over. Still, money is money.

With all the back-and-forth, I just can't decide if I'm crabby or not.

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Emily said...

I have a red laptop too; I kind of wanted the pink one, but I didn't want the coffee shop people to judge me.