27 December 2008

God, I love a sports movie.

Earlier today I was at my aunt and uncle's house for brunch, as my cousin was home for a few days. Somehow, the discussion turned to what movies have been on ABC over the weekend or something. It was The Wizard of Oz (hate it!), last night and tomorrow it is The Sound of Music (meh).

But tonight? It's Miracle. Well, that plans my night. I've seen this movie many times, so it would totally stand to reason that I watch an edited version on network TV, right?

For whatever reason, I am a huge sucker for sports movies. Everything from Bad News Bears (the original, of course), to Miracle, to Hoosiers ... shit. I love The Program and fucking Blue Chips, for fuck's sake.

You give me a training montage or two, an uplifting story ... maybe a shower scene (What?), and you've got me hooked.

Now, if you'll excuse me, we are about to beat the Soviets. USA! USA! USA!


jana said...

man, i LOVE that movie. i always cry. plus, i think i have a thing for dudes with shaggy hair.

Jess said...

Oh, I cry, too.

Shaggy hair is delightful. I'm sure you noticed a few Western-style shirts in the bar scene toward the beginning, yes? It's a damn shame there wasn't a single beard.