20 December 2008

Enjoying your white Christmas, dicks?

After several mild years, it seems we are getting an honest-to-goodness Minnesota winter. People were always whining, "Oh no! We're not going to have a white Christmas! It just doesn't seem like Christmas without any snow." Well, we've got plenty of fucking snow now. Still doesn't seem like Christmas to me, but I haven't heard anyone bitching about it. Hope you assbags are happy. Me? I'm cold.

Minneapolis declared the first snow emergency of the season today. I can't remember the last time we had one before the first of the year. Honestly, I'm happy about it. After the shitty, shitty, SHITTY plowing job after the first now a couple of weeks ago, I've been avoiding parking front of my apartment. Alas, there was nothing across the street last night and I had a lot of stuff to carry, so I didn't have much of a choice. I spent 20 minutes shoveling my car out today. Granted, I'm glad I did it earlier, when it was above 20. It's now below zero and windy as fuck, so it would be highly unpleasant going out and moving my car before the 9:00 deadline. And my street will be plowed by the time I get up tomorrow. Yay!

I had to dig my car out and brave the snow to attend my dad's family's Christmas festivities out in the 'burbs. Alas, with the shitty roads, I couldn't drink much (remedying that right now) and I didn't want to stay too long. It was a fantastic time, though. As was our cousins-only gathering last night. Part of my present didn't make the trip from Madison, but that's okay. I scored a necklace and some awesome wine glasses as it was. My cousin's three-year-old daughter begged me to hold her and proceeded to feel me up. It's true -- everyone loves boobies.

Since I was sober and the snow had stopped, I had really high hopes of finishing my shopping. I was driving past the mall, anyway. I needed just two things. I got one (and a couple things for myself. I needed them. Really!), but Macy's thwarted me by not having any decent winter hats that would match my mom's jacket. FUCK YOU, MACY'S. The ones they did have were like, $45 and not on sale. Jerks. Meh. I need to/from tags anyway. So I guess I'll be hitting Target some time in the next couple of days. I can't possibly get shit done early. All I can ever hope for is "in time."

Oh, and how 'bout those fucking Golden Gophers? Suck it, Pitino! Ski-U-Mah!


Emily said...

I seems like the same people going "Oh no, I need SNOW so I can SKI," are the same ones who start complaining to me in February about how cold it is. Either love the snow or hate it, people!

And I, for one, am not a fan. I'm COLD, and I really didn't enjoy my drive from Minneapolis to Milwaukee today.

Jess said...

It just seems way too fucking early to be below zero. Look, I know I live in Minnesota. I have lived here most of my life -- I know what I have to deal with every year. That doesn't mean I have to like it, dammit.

My aunt and uncle drove here from Madison today. Their drive was not exactly pleasant. Glad to hear you made it across the border safe and sound.