02 December 2008

An end-run into your uterus.

Because they haven't fucked us over nearly enough over the last eight years, the Bush Administration is pushing through a right of conscience rule that would allow doctors, pharmacists, medical facilities and others to deny care, refuse to fill prescriptions for contraceptives or even provide information about abortions or contraception if doing so violates their faith.

Doctors and nurses have been able to refuse to perform abortions for years. And we've been hearing more and more over recent years about pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for The Pill or emergency contraception. However, the new rule goes much further -- it covers more types of people and could extend to things like artificial insemination.

This is fucking bullshit. It's also terrifying. The Obama administration could reverse it, but it could take months and that is too fucking long.

I actually had to switch doctors in Mankato because the doctor I was seeing refused to write prescriptions for birth control. I was pissed off in principal. I was pissed off because she was the second doctor I had there and everyone was fucking up my thyroid meds. So hey -- let's throw a third doctor into the mix and see if we can't completely fuck me over. Done and done! Why couldn't the people at the clinic give me a heads up when I started seeing that doctor. Is it that big of a deal to say -- "Hey, in case this might have an impact on your life, Dr. X won't prescribe The Pill."

At the end of the day, it wasn't a huge deal. I just made an appointment with another doctor for my annual exam so I could get my whore pills. What I really don't understand, though, is why would you get into a job (or a particular practice area if you're a doctor) that would put you in the position to do something you would find morally objectionable?

What if there wasn't another doctor in town who would prescribe contraception? What if the sole pharmacist in your community refuses to fill prescriptions for The Pill? With this new rule, it isn't that far out-of-bounds to think that maybe doctors could decline to treat AIDS patients or pharmacists could refuse to fill their prescriptions because, who are they as Good Christians to fuck with God's obvious punishment for engaging in homosexuality or drug use or making a fucking mistake?

God, I fucking hate people.


.::~P~::. said...

Wow! I heard about that!

That's fucked up!

The Conservative party in Canada won the elections and now they're actually regrouping all the other parties which will have more seats then the actual government.

So for us the abortion thing might not take full effect which could be good, but if you guys make that completely official they might take the rights for Canada and the US for abortions and the Pill.

Cause we don't have enough teen mothers and babies for adoption as it is...

I fucking hate people too!

Brian in Mpls said...

This pisses me off to no end

Jess said...

I certainly hope that Canada does not follow the U.S. in this instance.

And it always heartens me when men agree that this is bullshit, Brian.

my name is Amanda said...


Sure, women can go elsewhere for their "whore pills" (har har), but you make a good point about multiple doctors and the possibility of fucking with other medications (I've been witness to this). Multiply this by the millions, and it can be a huge toll on the industry and women's healthcare in general.

And not being able to get emergency contraception when needed; even in a city with many options, time is of the essence. What about rural areas?!!? So fucking wrong, I don't even have the words.

Clinics/hospitals/drug stores should be REQUIRED to inform their patients/customers as to the drugs/services they don't offer, but it sounds like if this goes through, even for a little while, we will have to take it upon ourselves to seek information beforehand (not the easiest, when it's an emergency). Which is bullshit.

Andrew DK said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

How about we do the same thing for Flomax or Viagra so these old fuckwits
can piss all over themselves when they can't get a hard on. Maybe then
they'd realize how goddamn retarded this is.

What in the fuck is the point of helping doctors deny contraception? Do they
want us to catch up to the Chinese or something? What's next, prescriptions
for condoms?! Fuck me running!

These fucking guys howl about liberal "big government." Well I'm seeing the
government reaching right into people's goddamn examination room.

Jess said...

Yes, God forbid anyone make it difficult for old men to get their boner pills so they can have old people sex.

And Big Government is bad. BAD! Unless, of course, said government is getting involved in your personal medical decisions (be they reproductive related or perhaps related to ending your life with dignity) or what you're doing in your bedroom and with whom. Government simply must be involved in those instances. Lord knows we'd make the wrong decisions if left to our filthy, stupid, immoral devices.

We are indeed lucky we live where we do, Amanda. Christ, doctors have to be flown from Minneapolis to do abortions at one sole Planned Parenthood in South Dakota. Can you imagine how tough that would be?