31 December 2008

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, 2008.

This was not the best year ever for me. Or for a lot of people, I would surmise. I suppose that makes all the struggle and strife a bit less painful, knowing you're not alone. It doesn't make it that much better, but misery loves company.

Despite the fact that I lost a job, was unemployed for two months, spent two months working in a crazy, vermin-infested hellhole, went through the most awful training I could ever have imagined and needed a new transmission for the Achieva ... I'm not left thinking this year was horrible.

All the bad of this year was tempered by a very supportive family and the best friends and Boy I Currently Like I could really ever ask for. So, I decided against being a total Scroogey lameass on New Year's Eve and I am hosting a party.

We are having retro appetizers. I'm making my very first cheese fondue in the fondue pot the 'rents got when they were married. Now that's retro. Dudes, I spent like, $35 on cheese and hand-grated two pounds of it today. Not all was for the fondue. The cheese puffs and sausage cheese cocktail bites each needed half a pound of sharp cheddar. I just finished the deviled eggs, but I'm not sure they're very good. Stupid Trader Joe's reduced-fat mayo. Oh, I should have known! And of course, I can't think of a retro or classic appetizer without thinking of the ubiquitous cocktail meatballs/little smokies. I always knew there was a party coming up when my mom had a jar of grape jelly and a bottle of chili sauce sitting on the counter.

I'm so fucking into this party that I'm going to wear a party dress and lots of eyeliner. Because, if you can't be overdressed and overly whored up for a party at your own house, when can you be? I'm sure I'll look totally cool playing Wii in that outfit.

My New Year's resolution, sweetie ... to have more fun. As if you had to ask.

Have fun and be safe tonight, my little gumdrops.


Alaina said...

Happy New Year Jess!

Jen said...

How did the party go?

Oh and PICS?

Jess said...

Same to you, Alaina!

No pics, Jen. The party went fine, though. Is it wrong that I was really glad people had to leave and we did the east coast ball drop? No one wanted to play Wii and I was so busy cooking that I didn't even start drinking until well after everyone had arrived.

PS: Your Christmas card came back due to insufficient address or something. Jerks!