09 December 2008

Division champs.

Fuck and yes! After yet another harrowing start to the season, The Bob Saget Fan Club rebounded to become division champions for the second year in a row. I actually ended up with the second-best record this year. I'm in a shitty division (or one could also call it highly competitive), and in past seasons, there have been other people who had better records but ended up in the wild card or not making the playoffs at all while I snuck in with a marginal record.

Winning the division and thus, making the playoffs, means that my season has been paid for, I think. I've only ever actually paid $20 to play five years of fantasy football. Other than the $100 I won that first seasons, I've broken even or rolled my $5-$10 winnings/losings over to the next year. If I win just one more game, I'll win real money.

Unfortunately for me, The Bob Saget Fan Club has a habit of stinking it up in the playoffs. After reaching the Super Bowl in my first season, I have exactly one playoff win. That came the year our Stoner Commish decided to make the first of his unannounced and undiscussed changes to the rules. Had things played out the way they were supposed to, I would have won everything. But Stoner Commish ended up winning it all. It's ever so curious that these changes almost always seem to benefit him.

Why do I keep playing with these fuckers when the rules are always changing to benefit one player (or sometimes his brother)? Because, as The Boy I Currently Like often reminds me when I complain about some stupid fantasy football-related injustice: the majority of the people I play against are fantasy football retards and I always have a chance to win money. I've got the second-best record overall in the league, for fuck's sake. There's a reason the draft order is the same every. fucking. year.

Apologies for the bragging and narcissism. No one gives a shit about my fantasy football team but me. Then again, no one gives a shit about lots of things I care about, and that's never stopped me from writing about them.


Frank said...

Heh...Bob Sagat Fan Club...I got out of fantasy football a few years ago, but the Breakdancing Robots was always my team...and in the true fashion of the Lions "fan" that I am, we always sucked.

Muffy Willowbrook said...


Jess said...

It is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Breakdancing Robots is an awesome fantasy team name, Frank. I hate to admit this to you, but I've been picking against your Lions every damn game this season.