02 November 2008

You can go straight to hell, Garmin.

It's just barely into the second quarter of the first football game of the afternoon on November 2 and I've seen TWO Christmas-themed commercials for Garmin, complete with their bastardization of "Carol of the Bells." And there's a fucking snowman on their homepage. Fucking delightful.

As I was typing the previous paragraph, there was a Christmas commercial for MasterCard. I saw a huge display of Christmas cards at Target nearly two weeks ago.


It's pretty clear to me that I'm going to go on some sort of murderous rampage shortly after Thanksgiving if this bullshit keeps up. Unless I already gouge out my eyeballs and slit my wrists first. Whatever makes it stop.


supertoyz said...

My God, is it starting all ready? I wonder what's worse. The year long political season, or the two months of this Christmas crap.

Jess said...

Obviously, what is most delightful is the overlap between the two. Christmas ads and political ads in the same day?

*slits wrists*
*slices throat*
*stabs self in gut*

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Sadly, it started before Halloween was even over. Target, my beloved Target, had a back wall display of X-Mas stuff right next to the Halloween aisle!

Jess said...

Yeah, Target totes had the Christmas stuff out before I even considered buying my Halloween candy.

Remember when retailers waited until the day after the previous holiday to start ramming the next holiday's merch down our throats? Now, Christmas shit is out with Halloween shit. Easter shit is out with V-Day shit.


Anonymous said...

Lol the stores near me already have Christmas decorations up. I'm guessing the decorations alone make people spend more money.

Emily said...

I share your anti-Christmas advertising sentiments, but I can't hate on Garmin; with almost superhuman ability to get lost, it's helped me out of many a pickle.

Jess said...

The decorations and music make me avoid shopping like the damn plague. I procrastinate like nobody's business. This year I should really just do my shopping online -- I get to choose the music and there are zero decorations.

Emily -- I think we got a Garmin GPS thing for my dad for Father's Day a few years ago, so I guess I'm guilty, too? Except they weren't doing the awful commercials two months early back then.

Frank said...

I hate anything that advertises Christmas before Thanksgiving. Like when Wal-Mart starts putting up their Christmas tree displays at the end of September. Holiday FAIL.

Beth said...

I did Halloween in the city. As we were walking by Pier One on the way to the bar, they were decorating the store with Christmas stuff.

Talk about quick turnover.

Jess said...

When I worked at Dayton's/Marshall Fields/now Macy's, they set up the Christmas display (Trim the Home) on Labor Day weekend. You could sign up to help and you got a discount on Christmas shit or something.


You know, though, that kind of thing thrills the crap out of the freaks who wish it was Christmas all year long. I mean, those Santa's Villages and other year-round Christmas shops exist for a reason.