29 November 2008

This is ...

Golden Gopher Basketball!

I'm finally getting to watch a Gopher game. Their first televised game was actually Wednesday night, but I was busy drinking in bars that weren't showing the game (what the fuck?). In fact, I couldn't see a TV from where I was until we got to Stella's (which was Douche City, U.S.A.).

This is not my first experience with the Big Ten Network's basketball coverage, however. I've been watching games here and there for the last couple of weeks. I was watching the Ohio State game before the Gophers started and the announcing was getting on my nerves. Then the Gopher game started. I don't know about this Dean Linke guy. And I'm not sure how I feel about Spencer Tollackson doing Gopher games. I mean, he just played with most of these guys last season. The level of familiarity is weird -- he's calling everyone by their first names. However, he knows a shit ton about the team and can pronounce everyone's names correctly, so that's a bonus.

These two aren't really working well with each other yet. But I suppose that will come with time. They're talking over each other and saying random nuggets about this player or that and the other is ignoring whatever was said. It'll be interesting to see if they have teams that stay together throughout the season or not.

Regardless of the quality of the game call and the announcers' rapport with one another, I'm fucking thrilled that I get to watch the Gophers this year. God, I'm so glad it's basketball time. I'm done with college football. Until it's time to watch the Gophers in their shitty bowl game. Because I'm a sucker.


Emily said...

That's a dedicated fan to put up with douchebaggery to watch the game.

Jess said...

There is little I love more in life than Gopher hoops.