09 November 2008

Needs more salt.

God dammit. How do I forget to add salt at two crucial points of cooking?

Is it my subconscious? My blood pressure was high enough a year ago that my doc put me on meds. I'm fairly sure it's because of the Pill, but obviously I can't give that up. Then again, when I made scrambled eggs for breakfast after going to the gym this morning, I over salted a wee bit and they just weren't very good. Maybe that's why?

I really can't even blame drinking this time, because I'd had maybe a glass of wine (okay a glass-and-a-half) when I started cooking. I post-salted where I could. We'll see how the "cornmeal crunch" turns out when it's finished in the oven. I use the quotes because um, that's totally just baked polenta. However, it's my first attempt at polenta, baked or otherwise.

And you know what? I tried a bit of the pre-baked polenta. I think it would be totally fucking delicious if it had any goddamn salt in it. Fuck!

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