15 November 2008

Adventures in drunken clumsiness.

I didn't get to ride one of Metro Transit's lovely new hybrid buses until a couple of months ago. They're new, so they're nice. They're quiet.

They're also smaller. And the quarters inside are rather tight. Those close quarters, combined with my long legs, high-heeled boots and the 947 glasses of wine I had at Nami last night are why I have a giant, bruised goose egg on my right knee, which I bashed into the seat when I slid in and sat down.

My general klutziness had nothing to do with this of course. It was the wine. And the other stuff. I mean, I certainly don't have a gash and bruise on my other knee from slamming my knee into the strike plate on my closet door while changing my underwear totally sober after work on Thursday. No way. Not me.


Anonymous said...

There are also fewer places to hold on, causing people to stumble awkwardly when the bus lurches forward unexpectedly.

And it's harder to reach the pull cord on the new hybrid buses. Without, you know, standing on top of someone and mashing your boobs against them.

Jess said...

Yeah, there is a serious design flaw with the stop cord. Even if the bus isn't crowded and you're sitting against the window it's hard to get to it.