12 October 2008

Too hot to cook.

In October? Oh, Minnesota. You always keep me guessing.

I had big plans for the kitchen today. And really, I carried most of them out. I made whole wheat beer bread this morning. There are homemade black bean burgers in the oven right now, with some soon-to-be-oven-roasted broccoli. The only thing I didn't get to was making focaccia. I'd planned to do that this afternoon, but it was too fucking hot in here to do that.

Being hot all night should have been my first guess that it would be warm in here today. The heat in the building was turned on earlier this week. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as they do that, it warms up. So last weekend I was freezing my ass off and this weekend, I'm dripping sweat while washing dishes.

There is a reason I haven't taken my air conditioner out of the window yet. And it isn't because I'm totally fucking lazy and can't be bothered. Okay, that is part of the reason. But the main reason is that there is always a spate of warm weather well after everyone puts their summer clothes away. I'm always trying to outsmart the weather. So why haven't I been running the AC today? I mean, I'm sweating my ass off. It's one day. It won't make my electric bill that much higher.

I don't do it because the heat has been turned on and it seems completely counterproductive to turn on the air. Besides, what if that triggers the heat? Then I'm really being dumb.

There are plenty of cool days on the horizon for me to attempt the focaccia. Why I got the bug up my ass to make that is beyond me. But I Must Do It. Meanwhile, I'm totally ignoring the veritable shitload of apples I have around here that need to be used. Seriously, if you want some apples (Fireside, mostly), I'm your girl. I should make applesauce or something. That'll probably have to wait for next weekend.

Oh, verdict on the whole wheat beer bread? Delightful. I had a Newcastle in the fridge and I used that. It's totally easy, too. The black bean burgers are still cooking and I'm totally not hungry, so I might not know until tomorrow if they're good or not. However, I can tell you right now that they look and smell better than the Morningstar Farm Spicy Black Bean burgers I so love. And they are about a million times cheaper.

I'm always cooking at night or on a Sunday to make lunch for the next week and doing it just to do it. I often don't eat any of what I make until the following day. That broccoli is going to get eaten tonight, though. Man, I don't think there is a single vegetable that you could oven roast with some olive oil, salt and pepper, that I wouldn't eat the fuck up.

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