15 October 2008

Things that begin with "B."

Blackberry. Oh, that's right. I've got a Blackberry. I got the Pearl, which I think is the smaller version. I don't have a full keyboard. Fancy, huh? Normally, I'm not one to go for a fancypants cell phone. I need neither a camera nor an MP3 player, as I have both of those things already. And I certainly don't need an FM radio.

The problem I had, however, was that all of the cheap or free phones had all that extra bullshit and it seem to make them bigger and clunkier. It's like cell phones are trending backward in a way. The Blackberry Pearl ended up being only $10 more than the least-tolerable other phone T-Mobile had to offer, so I said, "Fuck it." It scared the bejebus out of me when it arrived last week and I only just got my interwebs and eBays on it Monday, so the jury is out. As a phone it seems to work better than my last model. It took forever for calls to connect for some reason. It seems to do alright for now, I guess.

Broken Social Scene. Despite waking up at 4:30 a.m. on Monday, I somehow managed to suck it up to go to a late show at First Ave with Macho Man and the World's Worst Wing Woman. We went to see Broken Social Scene, who I last saw at the 400 Bar in early 2004. I was so close to skipping it. In addition to the epic tiredness, I had no money for drinks and that always makes me feel like I don't want to go. My ticket had been purchased weeks earlier, but um, not drink at a show? Are you a Communist or something?

Turned out I got a major boost of energy at the gym and then I had extra time at home to have a drink and then another drink when the others showed up at my place. When we got to First Ave, Macho Man sold the extra ticket WWWW had and she bought us drinks with the money. Score!

But oh, Broken Social Scene. I can't remember the last time I was so geeked up after a show. I still am today, even. I figured I'd gotten my $20 worth within the first half of the show. I'd been listening to them a lot lately, but I can't understand why I sometimes go so long without listening to them at all. And I love them in every incarnation -- Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning's solo stuff, Stars, Apostle of Hustle, Metric, Feist, that new guy's band that I can't remember the name of ... I suppose Emily Haines's solo stuff counts if you're going to include all the others. And Amy Milan's solo album. Fucking Canada. Is there something in the water up there? Here's a little "KC Accidental" for your listening pleasure.

Broke. Just like everyone else, right?

Blah. This week is dragging. Last night, I could have sworn for a while that it was Thursday. WRONG. Christ. It's only Wednesday. How am I going to get through this week? I'm so. fucking. tired. I certainly won't be getting to bed early tonight. It's always nearly 9:00 by the time I get home from yoga. Then I have to shower and eat and watch the debate. I should do dishes, but ... maybe they can wait until tomorrow. At least tomorrow is Thursday. We're getting there.

Black Beans. My current food obsession.

Boots. I've busted out my tall, black boots for the cool weather. They make me feel kinda bad ass. And they look quite good with a skirt. If only I had occasion to wear one of my short, plaid, pleated skirts with the boots. But, if you'd hearken back to the section on "Broke" you'll know I have no place to wear said boots with said skirt. Then again, who said I can't just wear that shit at home?


scargosun said...

Right there with you on the Blackberry, boots and broke scenario. I feel your pain.

Jess said...

Well, it's not all painful. Even though bringing out the boots means that awful transition to nearly-bare feet to feet that never see the light of day, those boots are fucking hot.

And the BlackBerry is intimidating, but it's kinda bitchin', too. Or I'm sure it will be once I figure it out.

The brokeness ... well, it's forcing me to be creative.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of black beans (which are also high on my list of current crave foods...), would you be interested in sharing the recipe for the black bean burgers you mentioned a couple of days ago? Those sound like I need to make them.

Emily said...

I LOVE boots (and winter clothes in general). I like things that are sexy while still keeping you warm.

Jess said...

I was looking forward to the whole winter clothes thing until I remembered that I got rid of lots of mine. And of course, I can't afford new clothes right now, so I get to run around looking like a dork in too-big clothes. Oh well.

Ms. Diana -- here is the recipe for the black bean burgers. My only real problem with them was that I could have cut back on the cumin just a tiny bit.

Emily said...

Too-big clothes is always better than busting out of too-small clothes, so at least there's that!

Jess said...

Always an excellent point.