24 October 2008

Shopping is exhausting.

In so many fucking ways, really.

Running errands at the mall is bad enough. Running errands at the Mall of America is damn near excruciating. However, Hugedale (as my uncle likes to call it) is right across the street from the office. And in the interest of saving gas, it's my best option.

After the Mall of America, I ventured to SuperTarget up the road. This is where it got ridiculous. It used to be that I could run into Target for toothpaste and I'd come out having spent $50, all in the matter of 10 minutes. Now, it takes me an hour to spend nearly $100. On necessities.

It's so time consuming. Not only do I have to scour food labels for calories, fat, fiber content and high fructose corn syrup, now I have to try to figure out which option gives me the best bang for my buck.

Do I have a coupon for that? More importantly -- is it with me?

That brand is on sale, but is it cheaper than the store brand?

What's the unit price on this brand versus that brand?

How much does this cost at Rainbow? What about Trader Joe's?

This is really feeling like the kind of thing that requires some study. Perhaps a spreadsheet is called for. Man, I can make any activity an exercise in obsessive planning if I really put my mind to it.

In other shopping-related news, I totally saw Sven Sundgaard at Trader Joe's tonight (yeah, I totally went to TJ's after going to SuperTarget. Lame). He is the tiniest thing. It's unreal.

This week, I've been carded twice at Trader Joe's. Tonight it was the guy who flirts with me every time I see him. Why on Earth would he be carding me tonight? Meh.


Krista said...

He probably wanted to see your address so he could stalk you. At least you have somewhere to shop- I have to drive an hour just to get to a Walmart. We have 1 store in our town (population 2,000) and it can't fit 2 carts up the isle at once- not to mention everyone in their dogs are all there at the same time- you know them all and they look in your cart and ask, "So what are you having for dinner tonight?" REALLY SUCKS!

Jess said...


I know what you mean about the small-town store -- I grew up in a town of less than 2,000 and our store sounds just like that. There was a time when there were two grocery stores in town. How they managed that is beyond me.

Kate said...

Either he or his partner (I think his partner)live in the condos upstairs. He IS tiny... and VERY ORANGE! And a jerk. When I worked at that store, he would just stand in line and talk on his cellphone and not even acknowledge the cashier

Jess said...

Yeah, he really needs to step away from whatever's giving him the just-got-off-the-spit rotisserie chicken look. His skin is going to be awful.

I really hate it when customers are rude to the people waiting on them. Just like I hate it when the reverse occurs. Assholes suck.

Also, my brother finished a good half hour and then some ahead of Sven in the marathon.

Jen said...

Favorite album: Anything by Coldplay. ha!

Jess said...

I totally missed that.

WRONG ANSWER SVEN. Anything after Parachutes is shit. Well, except "Amsterdam."

Do you think Sven has The Blue Room EP, Jen?

blythe said...

think of those who are not fortunate to have a TJs in their state or surrounding states, really. it's a tragedy.

Jess said...

Shit. I'm sorry to rub it in, Blythe. That's cruel of me.

Jen said...

I seriously doubt Sven has The Blue Room EP. If I were a betting woman, I'd bet he only owns the last two cds.

Oh and the only time I've been to a Trader Joe's was when I visited Minneapolis. It was pretty damn awesome.